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Company Profile

  JIA SHAN FUJITECH PLASTIC CO., LTD (JFP) was established in September 1, 2010, is a Sino-foreign joint ventures, settled Da Yun Town,Jia Shan County Zhejiang Province,Set up two factories,No.one factory settled NO.398-1 Hua Xiang Avenue,Another facotry settled NO.19 buliding 10, The company registered a total of $ 2.25 million.

  The company is committed to the precision mold design and manufacturing, Injection moulding,Extrusion moulding, Assembly. The main products are consumer parts, household appliances, auto parts, electronic parts, medical tonic five series.

  Since the founding of the Company since the focus on enterprise management, and actively build corporate culture, so that employees participate in corporate culture, the company all staff gathered in a common vision of the goal, to provide "better products, better service" Establish a good corporate image.

  The company's top management attaches particular importance to quality management and environmental protection, the establishment and adoption of a series of quality / environmental management system, the establishment of a social responsibility system to ensure the sustainable development of enterprises.

  Company business philosophy

  Professional & nbsp; & nbsp; cooperation & nbsp; & nbsp; innovation

  Corporate culture slogan:

  Better products & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; better service

  Quality Policy:

  Carefully planned & nbsp; precision manufacturing & nbsp; excellent service

  Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy:

  Compliance with the law & nbsp; health and safety & energy saving